I said it before and I will say it again: the Nintendo 3DS eShop is no stranger to good puzzle games. The Nintendo 3DS is surely becoming a dream handheld for puzzle lovers out there. The latest release of Ohno Odyssey for the eShop is yet another puzzle game to be added to the mix. But is it worth talking about? Will it become another excellent example of great puzzle games on the system?

You might be asking what kind of puzzle game this is. Well, it’s a physics-based puzzle game. Those are actually among my favorites. The premise for this game is pretty simple: your job is to help rescue creatures called Ohnos that happen to get stuck on Earth. To do this, you need to guide them back to their mothership in each level using a variety of items at your disposal.


Progressing through the game will slowly introduce you to a variety of different items and abilities to be used at your pleasure. Some of the more common items that can be used are a cannon to shoot you through the air, ramps to give you lift, peppers to give you a short boost, and so on. Each level determines which items can be used, as well as an assortment of items already laid out to be used to your advantage and complete each level however you wish. Instead of being a straight path, you will be given many different options to be clever and solve each level. In some cases, you will even have leftover items, which can be used as an extra challenge in future replays to try to beat your previous scores. Even with multiple paths to take, I found the game quite challenging at times.


The game has a simple design look going for it. For the most part, there isn\’t much on-screen besides the items you interact with and the occasional background. The game does support the system’s 3D aspect, but I never really found a reason to keep it on. The Ohnos themselves change throughout the course of the levels with simple, yet fun, expressions, depending on how fast you are going or how hard they hit the ground. It makes for an extra sense of fun to watch the character go \”weee\” as they are zooming on by.

Overall, I recommend Ohno Odyssey. It is a fun game for all those who find themselves addicted to physics puzzle games. Some of the later levels become quite challenging and will leave you stumped for a while. My only complaint is the somewhat short amount of levels to be found that leads to being able to complete the game in less than five hours. The nature of the game does lend itself well to being played again and again.


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