The Nintendo Switch’s biggest selling point is its hybrid functionality. Being able to take your games any-and-everywhere is a really sweet feature, but there are limitations. Primarily, it has to do with the system’s TV/docked mode. It’s pretty easy to take the official Dock along with you, but it can be a bit of annoyance to keep tearing it down and building it back up. But, what about instances where the Dock can’t even be used? For example, say you’re going out camping and decide to bring your Switch with you and you want to enjoy some local multiplayer with your buddies? You guys can huddle around the small screen of the system itself, but that isn’t ideal and there aren’t TVs out in the woods. That’s where this new product from Yesojo comes in: the Yesojo Portable Switch Projector Dock.

There are quite a few third-party Switch docks out there already, but this one definitely stands out. As the name suggests, it’s a projector, so this will allow you to beam your Switch’s display onto any flat surface for some portable big screen action. Since it’s a proper dock as well, it’s able to keep the Switch charged and unlock its TV mode functionality (which boosts the resolution and visual quality), resulting in even more enjoyable multiplayer matches than what the portable/tabletop mode can offer. This Projector Dock has a battery life of four hours, and also keeps your Switch charged when it’s in use. It also sports an HDMI port so other devices can use the projection functionality, as well as USB ports for charging. There’s also a built-in speaker and headphone jack.

Check out the latest trailer:

The OJO Portable Switch Projector is actually a crowdfunded product that was brought to life as a result of Indiegogo where a whopping $241,173 was raised by December 22nd of last year. The concept sounds pretty good and the design looks compact enough, but there’s one glaring issue with this thing: it’s a whopping $269. That’s nearly the price of another Switch. Again, the concept is sweet, but that price is just a wallet killer. That isn’t even the only option: that price is just for a single projector, but there are other bundles which hit the $300 mark and beyond, going as high as $447 that include things like a power bank (which give it the ability to charge other devices as mentioned earlier) and an element-proof carrying case. Obviously, this price-point is going to limit the number of consumers that this will actually appeal to, as that’s quite a hefty sum to pay for an accessory.

Another issue with this Projector Dock is that its output resolution doesn’t seem to be that great. The Indiegogo page has it listed at 480p (854 x480), although the page also claims that its capable of displaying HD video with the HDMI support even supporting 4K. As a result, it’s confusing as to exactly what this thing capable of. Nevertheless, its functionality suits the Switch’s hybrid nature quite beautifully, but still, that price is incredibly hard to justify unless you happen to have deep pockets.

If you do happen to have the cash to drop on this, then you can at least be happy to know that first deliveries are slated to start going out as soon as next month. It will be interesting to see the reaction from users once they have this thing in their hands.


A.K Rahming
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