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Publisher No Gravity Games and developer Sokaikan have released a new trailer for Okinawa Rush, alongside a new PC demo on Steam, ahead of the game’s launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year. It is an action-adventure platformer with the option for two-player co-op, and it sure feels like the intention is to deliver lots of action all the time.

No Gravity Games and Sokaikan are straightforward about what Okinawa Rush delivers: “Fight using swords, nunchakus, bo staffs, or simply with your fists, and battle through carefully crafted pixel-art environments. Take advantage of the fast, fluid combat system and combo, juggle and parry your way through hordes of enemies. Master the game, upload your high score, and reach the top of the scoreboard!”

The pixel art animation looks especially great, with every attack feeling like it has a high impact. Heck, there’s an animation for just banging two dudes’ heads together, which is always fun. Along those lines, the game has a fighting engine built from the ground up and enables unique moves for each character.

Nintendo Switch has many sidescrollers and platformers, but Okinawa Rush is standing out right now with its impactful fighting. Give its PC demo a shot if you’re intrigued.

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