Olija launch trailer

We are mere days away from the launch of Olija (January 28, to be exact). The title follows the main character Lord Faraday, who finds himself shipwrecked in a mysterious land called Terraphage. Using a peculiar harpoon he finds along the way, Faraday searches for his missing crewmates and a way back home. Publisher Devolver Digital, along with developer Skeleton Crew Studio, is hoping to entice players to the platformer with a stunning launch trailer.

This Olija launch trailer isn’t indicative of the actual graphics, but it’s beautiful, nonetheless

Let’s view the video below, together:


As the clip suggests, Faraday’s harpoon is no ordinary weapon. It looks to be part deadly contraption, part teleportation device. Intriguing…

Of course, Faraday’s harpoon isn’t the only armament he uses to defend himself. A sword and gun can also be glimpsed in the animation. The game looks quite violent, as well, so gamers should be in for a good time if such things tickle their fancy.

Enthusiasts, did the Olija launch trailer get you psyched for the game? Do you wish the adventure looked more like the cartoon or do you find charm in the retro image pictured up top? Let us know in the comment field below.

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