A Fantasy, Action RPG

OMC Games has been hard at work on their first game Skullforge: The Hunt. In this action RPG, the player will take the role of Desi Cornerstone as she searches for one of the members responsible for her enslavement. Players will be able to take on quests, hunt for treasure, participate in multi-layered conversations, and battle their way to a rich world with lots of possibilities.


Skullforge: The Hunt follows the story of Desi Cornerstone, an elven warrior who has suffered at the hands of a brutal cult. Her quest for revenge leads her to the island of Sorova where she begins her search for one of the members who escaped from her grasp previously. What she finds when she arrives is a troubled land in need of a hero.

The game is scheduled for PC, Mac, and Wii U (depending on approval from Nintendo). More information regarding the release date will be released at a later date.


To kick off this announcement, OMC Games has just released the first chapter in the Skullforge story titled Skullforge: The Destined One which follows the life of Desi and is a prequel to the events of the game. There will be ten chapters in the story with a new chapter released every month. Each chapter will sell for $.99 on all major bookstores including Amazon in all major regions.

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