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After quietly slipping past its originally intended January release, One Step from Eden has its final release date for both Nintendo Switch and Steam: March 26. This Tokyo Game Show award winner from solo developer Thomas Moon Kang brings back the card-centric, grid-based action gameplay of Mega Man Battle Network but cranks up the strategy and intensity to 11. Basically, every GIF that exists of this roguelike action RPG presents high-octane action and crafty manipulation of game mechanics to make something crazy happen.

Have a look at the release date trailer to see what I mean.

Nintendo Enthusiast interviewed Thomas Moon Kang about One Step from Eden last October, where many aspects of the game were discussed, including its inspirations. A major difference between this game and Mega Man Battle Network is that the combat grid is larger, allowing for more sophisticated combat. One Step from Eden also allows for “generating new spells” in the midst of combat, really encouraging the player to improvise new combat strategies that suit the changing conditions of battle.

The roguelike elements of the game and its nine playable characters ensure a great deal of replayability, so while we cross our fingers and continue hoping for a new Battle Network game, One Step from Eden could be just the fix you need.


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