One Step From Eden Kickstarter Switch stretch goal Mega Man Battle Network

One Step From Eden is a deck-building action roguelike on Kickstarter that is heavily inspired by Mega Man Battle Network, and it’s already well past its funding threshold of $15,000 for PC/Mac/Linux. The game is currently sitting at over $40,000 raised, and if it can reach $60,000 within the next 16 days, it will meet a stretch goal of coming to Nintendo Switch. Long-time Battle Network fans who are hungry for more of that style of combat on a Nintendo system should take note.

The game looks really heavy on action, even more so than Battle Network was. And since the game offers 4×4 grids instead of 3×3 grids, there is more room to maneuver and avoid myriad vicious obstacles. The developer promises various high-level difficulty options too, in addition to the ability to play as defeated bosses to unlock whole new gameplay experiences.

The roguelike aspect should offer increased replayability as well, in theory at least. Honestly, I’m usually dead set against any game that has any roguelike aspects, but in a game like this where combat is the main event anyway, I can forgive it.

If the trailer for One Step From Eden piques your interest but you’re still on the fence, then download the demo available on their page. I haven’t had the time to try it out, but it was a smart and brave move to include it.

Being a huge Mega Man lover and having beaten every Battle Network, I’m glad One Step From Eden is funded, and I wish them luck in reaching their stretch goal of bringing it to Switch.


John Friscia
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