Hey, how far are you in Paper Mario: The Origami King? Almost at the journey’s end? You better be careful, then. Players have discovered a major glitch that will mess up your save so badly, you’ll need to start the game all over again.

Slight spoilers ahead for The Origami King

The bug is shown off here, in a video from Nintendo Unity:

The issue in the title can be triggered when Mario is in the Shangri-Spa area. Mario receives four stamps in order to obtain a VIP ticket to the Spring of Rainbows. Upon showing the pass to the spring’s guard, he’s let into an underground passage. At this point, if he turns around and exits, he cannot make it back in. This is due to the VIP card vanishing from your inventory the second you step foot into the cavern. If the mustachioed one returns to the Toad who gave him the pass in the first place, he acts like you never showed him the stamp card.

While The Origami King uses a manual save system, the game also autosaves from time to time. Therefore, exiting the tunnel will overwrite your current data and force the player to be stuck in eternal limbo. Hopefully, Nintendo will look into this matter and patch the RPG posthaste.

Enthusiasts, have you encountered this game-breaking issue in The Origami King? Let us know your experience with a comment below.


Arthur Damian
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