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Focus Home Interactive has revealed more details about Othercide, an occult horror game with stylish visuals and tactical turn-based combat. This one’s headed to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One July 28, with a Nintendo Switch version coming later this summer. It all looks rather hellish, but Othercide sets itself apart from other horror-themed games with its muted black, white, and red color palette and confident visual style.


Othercide doesn’t look like it’s all talk and no action though. The game’s Dynamic Timeline System is at the center of every battle. Rather than just controlling where and what your units do, you can also manipulate when things happen. This includes being able to interrupt an enemy attack before it occurs or unleash punishing combos by manipulating the timing of the action. Here’s a look at Othercide in motion:

Developer Lightbulb Crew emphasizes a sense of challenge, and Othercide does contain some rogue-lite elements. You play as an army of “Daughters.” Healing one requires the sacrifice of another. On death though, new game-changing abilities and options open up for your next attempt, meaning there should be alternate ways to attempt failed levels.

Othercide launches on Nintendo Switch later this summer and looks like one to watch.

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