Overwatch Switch

One of the worst-kept secrets in the past month or so, we’ve finally got an official answer about Overwatch coming to Switch. Nintendo officially revealed during today’s Direct that Blizzard’s team-based shooter will be launching on October 15th in North America.

Rumors first started swirling when Amazon briefly listed an Overwatch-themed Switch case, officially licensed by both Blizzard and Nintendo. Ever since, the internet has been abuzz with discussion on the matter, with some people even suggesting that Tracer should make her way into the Super Smash Bros. universe via Ultimate‘s 4th DLC fighter. Things got even closer to a reveal this morning when Kotaku confirmed the shooter was, in fact, coming, citing retail leaks and a few of its own sources.

Though we’ve all been expecting this for a while, it’s nice to have official confirmation. One unique aspect of Overwatch on Switch will be the use of gyro controls! I’m curious as to how well this will work out though. While I’m excited to have one of the biggest games in the past few years come to the Switch, given its emphasis on fast-paced multiplayer action, I’m also concerned about its online reliability. Hopefully, my fears will be put to rest come launch.

Overwatch is dropping for Switch in North America in just over a month on October 15th.

Steven Rollins
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