Oxenfree II Lost Signals

If you watched today’s Indie World Showcase, I hope you stuck around until the end! After the presentation was declared over, Nintendo surprised us with one last game reveal. Night Club Studio’s 2016 indie hit Oxenfree is getting a sequel! This supernatural adventure feels right at home on Nintendo Switch, and fans of the first game won’t have to wait too much longer. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals comes out later this year. You can check out the reveal trailer by clicking below!

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals reveal trailer

The mystery returns

Following the presentation, Night Club Studio and publisher MWM Interactive sent out a press release with a few more details. Here’s the brief synopsis they provided:

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is a supernatural narrative adventure game about a researcher who stumbles upon ghostly happenings. Five years after the events of Oxenfree, Riley returns to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio frequency signals causing curious disturbances.

The official YouTube description adds “What she finds is more than she bargained for. ” It looks like gameplay will be quite similar to the original, although the familiar text bubbles have not yet been confirmed. The setting of Camena also overlaps with the original, as Oxenfree‘s setting of Edwards Island is just offshore. There are certainly still plenty of secrets to uncover, so it should be a thrilling return.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals will launch on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.

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