Panic Button, the studio behind several of the Switch’s AAA ports explains what it’s like to rework a game for the Switch. In an interview with, Adam Creighton (Studio General Manager) had this to say on porting games to the console:

We like a challenge; it’s part of why we go after these things. We wanted to both broaden those properties’ availability to a whole new group of people, but we also wanted to broaden the Nintendo Switch as a platform. We really feel like core games make so much sense on that hardware that we want to bring those over.

The company has certainly done well for itself with this sort of publishing work. Rocket League, DOOM, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and soon enough Warframe will all have made it to the console because of the developer’s expertise. He also added, “For a port, we have to bring the game faithfully with all its gameplay and features, or people feel like it’s a lesser port.” Nintendo fans know this all too well. The Wii U era came with some AAA ports but was marred with technical problems or more commonly lacked content. This usually came in the form of missing online modes or missing DLC. Along with poor sales of the console, this turned off fans and gave publishers more reason to avoid porting.

Publishers still seem skittish to publish ports for the Switch, despite the clear sales difference from Nintendo’s last console. But it looks like Panic Button is willing to pick up the slack where others have left off.

We wrote a collaborative piece on impossible games to bring to the Switch. Are there any games you’d like to see Panic Button tackle? Currently DOOM Eternal will make its way but there’s bound to be plenty more coming.


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