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When it comes to making Switch ports of games, developer Panic Button has been the go-to company for Nintendo so far. Recently it announced plans for a port of Warframe, which will not be cross-platform. Other games it has ported over to Switch, includes Rocket League, Doom, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. If you are wondering if the Austin-based company is going to take a breather, the answer is no.

On Thursday, Co-Owner Adam Creighton took part in a Reddit AMA and answered questions from fans. When asked by ThatWaluigiDude if any more projects for Switch were in the works, Creighton replied “Tons”. Though no release dates or titles have been revealed people are already compiling guesses on what new ports could be coming. With Nintendo partnering up with Ubisoft, could we see Assassin’s Creed: Origins make its way to Switch? Maybe.

panic button

Working alongside Nintendo is nothing new for the developer as its relationship with the company goes back to 2009 when it released Go Play Lumberjacks on the Wii. Since then several of its releases (which includes ports) have been part of Nintendo’s library. What games do you hope to see Panic Button port over to Switch in the future? Comment below!

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