PApa's Quiz

Papa’s Quiz is a new Switch game that was just officially released yesterday, aimed squarely at trivia nuts. The game boasts thousands of trivia questions spread across 185 different categories, along with support for up to eight players. In the interest of making the game as accessible as possible, the developers added ‘Junior Categories’ to allow older and younger players to team up, and additionally released a smartphone app so that you can enjoy eight-player mode without everyone having their own Joy-Con. At a modest entry price of $9.99, Papa’s Quiz seems like a great get for trivia fans.

The game joins a few other trivia games on Switch, including the recently revealed Revolver and Co. As such, it is tough to break into this market armed with nothing but a few thousand trivia questions. Hopefully, the developers are able to make their mark with fun questions and widely accessible gameplay.

Speaking on the game, the CEO of developer Old Apes recently said that “We built Papa’s Quiz with the Nintendo Switch system in mind and are really excited to release it onto the Nintendo eShop. We can’t wait to see the fun the Nintendo Switch community has with it!”

Are you interested in Papa’s Quiz? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.


Andrew Rockett
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