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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched with one of the greatest fighting game rosters of all time. The game’s post-launch commitment to exciting movesets and electrifying newcomers has only served to bolster the incredible line-up of fighters. At this moment, we’re looking forward to five more characters who will join Min Min in the second Fighters Pass. So far, we’ve mostly seen third-party characters with a couple of first-party, but if you could guarantee that another Nintendo character would join the fray, who would you pick?

I’d go with Paper Mario. I know we’ve got plenty of the Mushroom Kingdom already, and people would probably want Geno out of that universe if anyone, but something about the paper aesthetic and the potential for a unique moveset utilizing hammers, spikey shoes, badges, and somehow incorporating Flower Points in a Final Smash all sound fantastic to me. I think that Paper Mario would be one of the coolest new characters in a while, and I’m dying to see something out of the Paper Mario universe as the basis for a stage.

What Nintendo character would you choose as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let us know your pick in the comments below.

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