Paper Mario: The Origami King battle system combat companions revealed Nintendo video

Believe it or not, Paper Mario: The Origami King is releasing in just over a month’s time. As we get closer to launch, Nintendo has revealed bits and pieces about the upcoming Mario RPG. Today, we have received a full-length trailer showcasing what to expect from platforming, the battle system, companions, and generally what to expect in combat.

Paper Mario: The Origami King combat and exploration explained

The video starts out by showing some impressive environmental variety in the game’s various regions. We’re treated to clips of a sprawling forest spring, an autumnal mountainous region, a neon-soaked desert oasis, and more. Each area is set to be home to a variety of activities, with Nintendo teasing what you’ll be up to in The Origami King. “Explore vast regions, unlock the secrets of an ancient ruin, brave the raging rapids, take center stage, go island hopping, appear on a quiz show and even duke it out in an aerial battle,” the video says, while showing wild examples of each.

The “closer look” video also shows off Paper Mario: The Origami King‘s turn-based battle system. Combat differs compared to more recent entries. Not only can you “spin” the stage to line up enemies, but you can also “slide” the rows in order to send enemies to the opposite side of the map. Then you can attack using classic weapons and items. Whatever you do, you have to act before time runs out.

Companions are making a return with attacking capabilities in some cases too. In addition to previously revealed Olivia, there is also Bobby the Bob-omb, Professor Toad, and usually-wicked Kamek himself.  The clip also shows off some of Paper Mario: The Origami King‘s boss battles, including the thematically relevant “Colored Pencils,” “Rubber Band,” and “Tape.” These boss fights include an added mechanic of helping Mario carve out a path to his final destination to battle within the ring, which sounds pretty unique. Finally, collectibles are covered and for the most part seem to include finding a whole load of Toads.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is out July 17.

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