Paper Monsters Recut from Mobot Studios is a game that many Wii U owners have been looking forward to. An upgraded version of the original Paper Monsters for iOS and PC, Paper Monsters Recut features Wii U specific features such as Off-TV play, redone high quality graphics, and much more. This game looks to be a standout title for the Wii U eShop, and developer Mobot Studios announced today the release date and price for the game.

Paper Monsters Recut will be hitting the Wii U on October 16th for just $7.99. With some of the most impressive eShop graphics and charming style, mixed with 2D platforming in 3D worlds, Paper Monsters Recut should be on every Wii U owners radar as the next potential \”must-have\” on the eShop. Be sure to check out the trailer below for more information on this game.

Shawn Long
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