I can’t seem to quit Sonic lately. The most recent news involving the hedgehog comes from Sonic’s official Twitter account. If you enjoy stop-motion and papercraft, your fancy will indeed be tickled.


Check out the little papercraft animation below. It only takes a minute.

I love this dearly.

First of all, great use of music and sound effects from Sonic Mania. In addition, having a snow-sculpting contest as the backdrop for the video is a wholesome motif to use. Lastly, that is an interesting pairing of Amy and Knuckles. I figured she’d be with Sonic but he already has Tails, so it’s nice to see her make friends with the stoic Knuckles. What a rude thing she did to the sculpture at the end, though.

I’m going to go with Knuckles as the winner of the contest. While his partner Amy could have shown more teamwork, I can’t say no to a guy that makes a piece of art with his fists.

What do you enthusiasts think? Who won the contest? Is all this Amy exposure hinting at a debut in Sonic Mania as DLC? Let us know your best guesses below.

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