Path of the Midnight Sun

With Fire Emblem: Three HousesBanner Saga, and the Disgaea franchise, there’s a lot for strategy fans to love on the Nintendo Switch. Adding to this selection of titles, Path of the Midnight Sun is setting its sights to release on the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

Path of the Midnight Sun presents itself as having a "morally gray" cast of characters

Path of the Midnight Sun comes by way of Studio Daimon as their premiere foray into the games industry. The origin of the project comes as a romhack for the eighth Fire Emblem game. It was highly regarded as one of the best fangames in the franchise, and Studio Daimon has since rebuilt this project from the ground up. It now takes place in the dark fantasy world of Arvium, and the story centers around a band of “morally gray” individuals. There’s also an influence from point-and-click adventure games and an emphasis on making decisions during Visual Novel segments.

Combat in Path of the Midnight Sun is turn-based

The presentation in Path of the Midnight Sun is what I find most impressive for an independent team. It has a fully-orchestrated soundtrack, Live2D animation, and a talented cast of voice actors that have been featured in the Fire Emblem series and anime such as RWBY.

Be sure to check out the official kickstarter page for even more information on the game. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out the trailer for the new Star Ocean game, be sure to rectify that here.

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