A March 19 gang house raid in western Tennessee found a mostly standard stash of illegal goods, but with a little evidence that the criminal residents spent some of their hideout time yucking it up on PayDay servers. The drug force searching the house found 36 weapons, lots of ammo, a bulletproof vest, police supplies, narcotics, loads of cash, and four masks strongly reminiscent of some masks worn in co-op bank robbing epic PayDay. Those familiar with the game and its community might recognize the masks and the comically incompetent characters that they represent.


Quite fittingly, the masks do appear in PayDay, but they originated as bootleg cosplay that the game’s community turned into a meme. The knockoff masks were characterized as belonging to the “PayCheck Crew,” a clumsy theoretical B-team that couldn’t successfully rob a tip cup at an ice cream stand. The meme stayed alive within the community long enough for PayDay developer Overkill to discover and add the silly masks to the game.

This story has already made the rounds, even drawing comments from a former Overkill developer. Karl Lakner, a former Art Director, called the situation “a whole other level of weirdness.”

Two suspects are currently in custody. While it looks like they had a bit of success in racking up contraband, they ultimately could not escape the tendencies of their bumbling idols on the PayCheck Crew.


Andrew Rockett
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