The new Smash games are all about flair and special effects, so its no wonder that the Mushroom Kingdom’s Princess Peach has gotten in on the style competition. She steals the spotlight before the Nintendo Direct in today’s official Smash Bros. update.


\”Pic of the day. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…and the day the new Nintendo Direct airs! It will stream in Japan at 7am so it’s going to be a very early morning for us…!\”

With a Nintendo Direct in less than a day, Sakurai is hopefully saving a true surprise for the presentation. He doesn\’t hesitate to pass on the daily picture for revelation purposes….or does he?

This is the first time we\’ve seen Peach with this rainbow effect on one of her attacks. Since her body cuts off at the bottom of the shot, we have no idea if this is a ground or aerial attack. This could be a new Up-air or an upgrade to Peach’s Up-Smash or Up-tilt. All we know is that it could be more lethal than ever with this colorful enhancement.

Later in the day, we\’ll find out if Sakurai plans to follow this update with a new trailer in the Nintendo Direct. This is a prime opportunity for a newcomer to join the mix or for another veteran to reclaim a spot on the roster.


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