Persona 3

Atlus is recently most popular for the massive success behind Persona 5, but they’re a big-time studio with tons of classic games and series under their belt. The Persona series alone has hordes of fans dedicated to each game, and the greater Shin Megami Tensei series enjoyed tons of different releases throughout the past three decades. Millions pf players have been enthralled over time by the publisher’s several famous titles and series like Trauma CenterEtrian OdysseyCatherine, and many, many more. A few Atlus games have made their way to Switch, but nowhere near as many as most of us would like. If you could put any game by Atlus on Switch, which would it be?

Persona-lly, I’d go for some version of Persona 3. I’d take FES or Portable or even better, a new, fully-fledged remake that combines the best of each edition. Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 are my two favorite games of all time, and I’ve had Persona 3 FES on my backlog for a long time. I really want to play it, but I just haven’t had the time, and I can never beat long games on anything but a portable system nowadays. Plus, while the QOL differences between it and modern masterpieces like Golden and are not insurmountable, they are pretty steep. A portable remake that incorporates a few advancements from the last two games in the series would be pretty awesome. Otherwise, I might have to grab Persona 3 Portable on Vita and play that way.

What Atlus game would you like to see on Switch? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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