Persona 5 The Royal on Switch

Persona fans have been hoping that Atlus would release Persona 5 on Switch since late last year when Nintendo announced Joker as a DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This dream has remained elusive thus far, with the upcoming Persona 5 Royal coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. Despite increased pressure, Atlus reiterated this point yet again earlier in a new FAQ.

When asked if Royal will launch on any platforms aside from the PlayStation 4, Atlus responded by saying, “We do not currently have any plans.” Many may be disappointed that they can’t experience the game for the first time. This decision isn’t a much of a surprise, though. Atlus has been slow to provide Switch support with their lineup thus far, and this trend seems like it will be continuing.


Life will change

It’s worth noting that Atlus’ statement applies only to the current state of the company. There’s nothing from stopping Atlus from releasing Persona 5 Royal on Switch later. Maybe they could even bring some of the older games also. They could also still release the base Persona 5 game onto Switch, potentially, though such a move would likely not please fans now that the enhanced Royal is on the horizon.

Still, Atlus has worked with Nintendo on Persona-related releases in the past. Recently, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth launched on the 3DS to positive reviews, proving that Persona can find a home with Nintendo.

Though Persona 5 Royal will be skipping Switch, Persona fans still have a game to anticipate. The Dynasty Warriors-styled spin-off Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers will be coming to Switch at some point. Though it’s not the same as a mainline title, it seems as though we’ll have to settle for now.

Are you disappointed that Persona 5 Royal is remaining a PlayStation exclusive? I, for one, hope that Atlus reconsiders things going forward. My most memorable gaming experiences have come from Persona 4 Golden. I can only imagine the experience would be so much better on Switch.


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