Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has some new gameplay, and as usual, a bunch of exciting details were revealed with it. This new gameplay was featured in a Gatcha Thursday stream that took place. It revealed new gameplay and some difficulty settings information. This gameplay footage was commented on by Daisuke Kaneda, Atlus producer for Persona 5 Scramble. You can take a look at the presentation in the video below.

One of the highlights of the gameplay video was the presentation of the Sapporo area in Persona 5 Scramble. City Jails are accessible through “safe entry points” located within each area. Once there, Sophia is the one in charge of taking the Phantom Thieves to the other world. Also, one prominent detail about the Sapporo Jail is that it was frozen and seemingly engulfed by a harsh winter season. This is curious because the game takes place in the summer season. Although, Persona is famous for its physical representation of human emotions, so this might be a hint of the plot surrounding this chapter. In any case, Kaneda mentioned this would be the third Jail in the game.

As well, it was revealed that difficulty settings could be changed from the menu at any given time. These settings include Easy, Normal, and Hard, but additional difficulty levels are likely to appear in the final game. Persona 5 Scramble will release on Feb. 20 on Nintendo Switch in Japan. There is still no release date for western territories.



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