Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay

Atlus is floating a survey asking Persona 5 Royal players if they’d like to see upcoming hack-and-slash Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers localized and released in the West, per the Persona Central Twitter account.

While its initial announcement disappointed many who had been hoping for a portable port of its JRPG predecessor, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has a lot of exciting features that make it seem more like an evolved sequel than a quick cash grab. I really, really hope to see it come to the West – our own Brett Medlock took it upon himself to try out the Japanese eShop’s demo for the game. He walked away very impressed, and said the following in his preview:

I highly recommend giving the demo a shot. It’s the least Musou-feeling Musou game I’ve played so far. I’m fully convinced that Persona 5 Scramble is a true sequel to Persona 5.

Are you itching to try Persona 5 Scramble? Do you think it’ll ever come West? It seems like a good bet – it’s a fleshed-out spin-off to one of the most popular entries in one of Atlus’ most well-known franchises. Personally, I expect that it will be revealed for other regions around the world soon, and we’ll see it before too long, but COVID-19 lockdowns may delay its eventual release by a few months at least.

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