Nintendo Play Station museum Heritage Auctions winner Greg McLemore founder

So, it turns out it was not Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey who won the Nintendo Play Station from Heritage Auctions for $360,000. No, according to Forbes, it was actually Greg McLemore, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles in his early 50s who founded and Incidentally, it was those early dot-com investments that allowed McLemore to follow his passion as a collector of video game memorabilia, “from strength-testing machines of the 1880s, to prototypes of coin-operated mechanical horse rides in the 1920s, to the first commercially sold arcade game Computer Space from 1971.” The Nintendo Play Station is the capstone of this collection, and McLemore plans to build a “permanent museum” to house all of it.

To get started, McLemore is partnering with others for assorted exhibitions, including at the University of Southern California Pacific Asia Museum in spring and summer 2021 showcasing Asian influence on the video game industry. And yes, the Nintendo Play Station will be there.

So, basically — holy heck, you guys. This truly sounds like the best case scenario, as people have been saying all along that (insert Indiana Jones meme) the Nintendo Play Station belongs in a museum. Now, auction winner Greg McLemore literally wants to build the thing a museum. All’s well that ends well, it seems!

What do you think of this revelation?


John Friscia
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