Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is headed to Animal Talking, a surprise hit digital talk show hosted within Animal Crossing: New Horizons by Star Wars Rogue One writer Gary Whitta. He’ll join singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb and actor Dylan Sprouse (of Suite Life fame). The show goes live at 10 PM ET tonight on Gary Whitta’s Twitch channel. If you can’t catch it live, have no fear – the episode will also be available on his YouTube channel afterward.

Phil Spencer popping in amidst Xbox Series X hype, Halo Infinite‘s untimely delay, and rumors of an Xbox Series S console should make for another interesting night for Animal Talking. The webshow has had no shortage of intriguing celebrity guests. Just last week, Selina Gomez appeared, and we’ve also heard from Brie Larson, Danny Trejo, and more. I guess Animal Crossing just brings everyone together that way (which makes sense, given how unbelievably well the game is selling).

Have you caught any episodes of Animal Talking? Will you tune in tonight to see how Phil Spencer plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Do you think he’ll hint at anything new for the Xbox Series X (perhaps that price we’ve all driven ourselves crazy waiting for)?

Andrew Rockett
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