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Microsoft and Nintendo are pretty chummy. The former allowed Banjo to appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate and gave permission for Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead to be ported to Switch. But since many people are drawn to the Switch over the Xbox One, why have two of your biggest titles appear on the console? People will wonder what other games Xbox would allow on Switch. Thankfully, Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, addressed some of these thoughts during an interview with IGN.

Phil Spencer likes Nintendo but also wants gamers to back Xbox

During the talk, Phil explains the camaraderie between Microsoft and Nintendo:

The relationship with Nintendo is great. Doug Bowser and I, we talk often. Furukawa-san, the CEO of Nintendo and I, know each other well and we have conversations.

It’s heartwarming to see the folks behind the corporations getting along.

Spencer also discusses gamers’ expectations regarding more Xbox originals coming to Switch:

Right now it seems like when any game comes out, it’s ‘Is this one going here? Is this one going there?’ And I’d rather be able to set more of an Xbox-level expectation for our fans on where things are gonna go. I thought we did that with our first party when we talked about games shipping on Xbox and PC, and I got certain blow-back from certain people in certain groups on that, but at least we set an expectation on that, and I’d rather see us get to that point on the different pieces of hardware that we’re on. So I guess I’ll kind of leave it there.

I definitely have a ton of respect for the role Nintendo plays, and I love having great games on their platform. But I don’t really love this idea that for every one of our games, there becomes this little rumor on is it going to end up on the Switch or not, and I feel we should set a better expectation with our fans than that.

I get Phil Spencer’s point. While he loves Nintendo, he doesn’t want players to always wonder what other Xbox game is coming to one of its competitors. After all, he runs a business, and businesses need customers to stay afloat. Hopefully, Microsoft will have better luck increasing its install base next generation.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of Phil Spencer’s words? Do you think Microsoft hurt the Xbox One by permitting first-party titles on Switch? Let us know below.

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