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Since Xbox began bringing its games over to Nintendo Switch, there’s been plenty of speculation on the nature of the relationship. In the past there was even speculation of Xbox Game Pass on Switch. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has started talking more about the Nintendo / Xbox relationship recently, clarifying some matters and Xbox’s approach to ports. Now, in an interview with Gamereactor, Spencer answered a range of additional Xbox-related topics.

Spencer continues to insinuate that mobile and smart TV platforms are Xbox’s biggest targets, highlighted by the company’s cloud gaming initiative. When asked about Game Pass reaching beyond Xbox, PC, and Android, Spencer had this to say:

We’re still working on some of our technology on PC for larger screens in terms of streaming, and getting to iOS, and I think once we get through that, we look at what the other options are. There’s smart TVs out there, there’s Chromebooks out there, there’s FireTV out there[…]I love the Switch, I love PlayStation, honestly, I think they’ve done an amazing job as being a part of this industry. I’m not sure that those are the next big set of users for us, but we could be open to those discussions.

Going off this answer, it sounds like Xbox is targeting the more open platforms. We know Nintendo has opened up with the Switch in terms of bringing third-party games over, but it looks like Game Pass is a step too far, for now. However, Microsoft seems willing to put its games on whatever platforms fully support the Xbox ecosystem.

When it comes to the sporadic nature of Xbox on Switch, Spencer said it was often down to certain relationships and developers. Xbox has built an expectation of its games coming to PC because the company can control the software there. When it comes to Switch, it sounds like smaller games that fit the platform may continue to launch there. However, Switch would likely have to fully integrate Xbox Live software to see bigger titles and even Game Pass become available on the platform.


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