Fans show Phantasy Star love in latest Sega feedback survey

One of the biggest highlights from the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing would easily have to be Phantasy Star Online 2. After years of silence from Sega, the Japanese MMO is finally coming to the West starting next spring. However, it looks as though the release will be fairly limited at first. Sega confirmed that PSO2 is only currently slated for North America, starting off with Xbox One and Windows.

Timed exclusivity?

Fans were quick to note that the Japanese game is already available on PlayStation 4 and Vita, and as a cloud-based client for the Nintendo Switch. Barring Windows, the Xbox One version of PSO2 is brand new.

Rest assured, Phantasy Star Online 2‘s western debut on consoles likely won’t be limited to Xbox One, and if so? It wouldn’t be for long, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer. Microsoft’s executive vice-president of gaming sat down with Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann for an interview and confirmed as much:

Yes, [Phantasy Star Online 2] will end up on all platforms. The point was to have Sega on our stage since it’s been a while.

At the very least, the PlayStation 4 version will eventually be a safe bet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Switch version to follow suit. As for Vita… yeah I don’t see that happening. It’s a shame that PSO2 took so long to come westward since Sega first confirmed it seven years ago. Still, better late than never!

Sega previously stated there is “nothing to confirm” for PSO2 in Europe, but will share more information once plans are made.

Phantasy Star Online 2 was a long time coming, but it’s comforting to know that its first steps in the West are only the first of many. Will you pick up PSO2 once it launches in your region? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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