Tetris 99 almost had 100 players, but 99 looked better

Ever since Tetris 99 came out for free as an incentive to pay for Nintendo Switch Online, I’ve always wondered how I could pay money for the game to sit on my shelf. Now, Nintendo has finally given the answer I’ve been waiting for.

Tetris 99 comes to stores

That’s right. Nintendo of Europe announced earlier today that Tetris 99 will be available in physical retail stores in Europe on September 20. The physical version of the game will come with the Big Block DLC as well as a 12-month subscription for Nintendo Switch Online.

As of now, no price points have been announced for the physical edition of Tetris 99. However, we can assume a price point based on the value of what’s in the box. The game itself is free, of course, and the Big Block DLC is available for $9.99. If we add the Nintendo Switch membership of $19.99 on top of that, we can assume the game shouldn’t cost more than $29.99.

However, this is all on the assumption that Tetris 99 will also become available physically in North America. As of now, this announcement only pertains to Europe and Japan. But honestly, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Nintendo of America followed up with an announcement as well.


Tetris 99 was originally revealed during a Nintendo Direct back in February, and it launched that same day to the surprise and joy of fans. As a wonderful, Nintendo-style twist on the battle royale genre, the game pits you against 98 other Tetris players to see who can survive the game the longest. Players can, of course, interact and interfere with one another in order to up the challenge their foes face — as if regular old Tetris wasn’t hard enough.

What do you all think of today’s announcement? Do you want to own a physical copy of Tetris 99? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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