Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Yacht Club announced something today that I, and many others, have been eagerly awaiting: A complete, physical edition of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is coming to Nintendo Switch. Truly, the gods have smiled upon us on this day.

Available next year, the physical edition of Treasure Trove will include the main Shovel Knight campaign and all four of the game’s expansions, two of which are also launching the same day as stand-alone products. Gamers who prefer the digital route can download Treasure Trove now for a discounted price and get the upcoming DLC free of charge.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

In addition to this news, a three-pack of amiibo for Shovel Knight will release alongside the complete game. Containing the stars of the expansions; Spectre Knight, Plague Knight, and King Knight; each figure will unlock special abilities in the title. Hopefully not anything too game breaking.

Let’s recap: The physical Treasure Trove with all Shovel Knight add-ons and the three-pack of toys are launching on April 9, 2019, in both North America and Europe. The last expansions; King of Cards and Showdown; will also come out that day as separate downloads for those interested. The digital Treasure Trove is out now for $24.99 while the physical version will cost $39.99.

I have been holding off on purchasing Treasure Trove because I knew in my soul that Yacht Club was going to announce a physical release. I love being right/cautious.

Will anyone be picking up the plastic playthings or ultimate edition of Shovel Knight next year? Let us know in the comments!

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