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Crime doesn’t pay, except for when it does. To that end, Picklock is now available on Nintendo Switch from No Gravity Games and Deqaf Studio. It is a burglary stealth adventure where you “Abandon your honest life and shamelessly steal from your neighbors’ houses.” Wow. Oh, wait, there’s more: “Remember to put aside your moral code in the process. Entered a children’s room and found a collector’s doll? Don’t overthink it, just grab it!” Wow wow. Picklock is really straightforward about what it is, huh?

The game uses memorable voxel graphics and challenges you to go through 13 missions of unabashed crime and theft. And when you’re done burglarizing everyone who’s ever even vaguely trusted you, you can buy your dream house from a real estate agency, “pimp your ride” at the car dealership, listen to some jazzy tunes, and apparently even relax at a gentleman’s club. In Picklock, there is seemingly no downside to being an awful person.

Picklock retails for $7.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but it is currently on sale at 20% off for $6.39. Even better, if you own any other No Gravity Games titles, this game is 50% off instead. It’s practically a steal at that price. (No, I don’t take any pride in that sentence.)

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