This official Pikachu engagement ring comes with raging erect ears

By 3 months ago

Last year, Japan introduced Pokémon-themed wedding rings. If you missed your first chance at Pikachu-flavored eternal love back then, you’re in luck. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft has helpfully informed the world that The Pokémon Company and jeweler Ginza Tanaka have teamed up for new engagement rings. These include a 346,500 yen ($3,222) Pikachu engagement ring with ears that are just rock hard. Vitality for days. I presume it’s a metaphor for the enduring strength of the relationship.

The diamond is 0.3ct — not huge — and you have the option of 18k gold or platinum. Judging by its page at Pokémon Center Online, the Pikachu engagement ring also comes in a regal Poké Ball, which is frankly an extremely necessary touch. There are other pretty rings to admire at that link as well, in case you came here because you actually appreciate jewelry as opposed to boner jokes. If that’s the case, I applaud you.

Pokémon merchandise has taken probably too many forms to count at this point. Normally, it’s just things like an ugly sweater or pants shorts that let you sit on Snorlax’s face, but this Pikachu engagement ring is definitely on the pricier (and sexier?) end of the spectrum. Nice work, Ginza Tanaka.

Let us know how many of these you’ll be purchasing (if Japanese shipping restrictions have even lightened up yet).

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