Pikachu engagement ring

Japanese Jewelry Outlet U-Treasure just unveiled a shiny new option for Pokémon fans looking to get engaged: a “Pikachu Solitaire” ring. The ring’s central jewel is guarded by two Pikachu, one male and one female, facing the ring from either side. As shown in the picture above, the ring additionally appears to come in a Master Ball case. Delightful.

In typical engagement ring fashion, the Pikachu Solitaire is available in several different materials and cuts. Even better, if you find that you want to propose to the love of your life with a Pokémon ring, you’ll find that U-Treasure’s website has worldwide shipping options.

This is, strangely enough, not the first Pikachu engagement ring we’ve had the privilege to cover. This ring that we discussed last year has a much different design but is still undeniably Pikachu-themed. Additionally, U-Treasure has been in the Pokémon engagement ring business for a few years already, as Kotaku covered back in 2019.

What do you think of U-Treasure’s latest venture in Pokémon engagement rings? Can you come up with any other pocket monsters who would make for a great piece of jewelry? Are you slightly disturbed by the prospect of tossing a Master Ball at the love of your life to secure their hand in marriage? Weigh in in the comment section below.

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