Pikachu Illustrator

Pokémon cards generally aren’t cheap, whether you’re a kid saving up quarters for another booster pack or a high-rolling collector trying to track down one of the rarest cards in the world – the elusive Pikachu Illustrator card. The card is incredibly scarce, and as a result, it regularly fetches top dollar at auctions. Just this month, the card broke its own record in an auction at ZenPlus by selling for close to $250,000 (for comparison against other cards, a card called “No. 1 Trainer” recently sold for a trifling $90,000).

Originally created as an award for a comic contest held in Japan in 1997 and 1998, thirty-nine copies of the card were doled out. Evidently, only ten are still in around today. By my calculations, that lands the Pikachu Illustrator card somewhere in the ballpark of really freakin’ rare.

Recent buyers of the card agree. Prints of the card have appeared in auctions a few times in the past decade. In 2013, someone got what turned out to be a steal when they paid $54,970 for a Pikachu Illustrator. Last year, another auction reached record-breaking heights, where buyer’s premium and list price combined for a whopping $224,500. This latest auction reached new heights, though we aren’t totally sure what. In different press releases, ZenPlus has reported sale amounts of both $233,578.75 and an even $250,000. Regardless of which price is accurate, it’s a new record for most expensive Pokémon card. Bet you wish you had one of those laying around, huh?


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