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Looking to the horizon, gamers have something cool to look forward to on Switch: Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Launching on October 30, the updated Wii U management sim will get a second shot at relevance, which will hopefully lead to Pikmin 4 if it sells well. What players might not know is Pikmin 3 has a different name for its avocado in Japan. While it is known as the ‘Scaly Custard’ in the west, it’s called something more graphic back home.

I guess Pikmin 3 isn’t fun for the whole family

Check out this factoid from Twitter user @reggie_800:

Well, I can see why the name change was necessary. But it would have been so awesome to see ‘Crocodile Scrotum’ pop up in the game’s text.

Interestingly, the Pikmin Wiki has the avocado labeled as ‘Crocodile Testis.’ This tracks with the Aztecs’ naming convention of the delicacy (‘testicle’). Whether it looks like a scrotum or testicle, I think we can all agree ‘Scaly Custard’ is the best name for the fruit which blessed humanity with guacamole.

Enthusiasts, do you believe Pikmin 3 Deluxe will provide us with the original take on the tasty crop? Let us know if you believe such a thing can slip past Nintendo’s censors with a comment down below.

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