Twirlbound Pine, a Zelda-like Darwinian open-world adventure, arrives in October

Pine is an open-world action adventure simulation game with Zelda and Fable influences from indie developer Twirlbound, and it will release for Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, and Kartridge on Oct. 10. The game was originally brought to Kickstarter in 2017, so a two-year turnaround from a seven-member team for a game of this scope is pretty impressive. News of the release comes by way of a new trailer unveiled today. Additional details have been revealed about the game from an interview the Escapist published with the developer today.

Twirlbound and Pine offer a world that keeps evolving

In Pine, you will play as Hue, who is part of the last surviving human tribe on the island of Albamare, where other creatures — foxes, crocodiles, moose — have also evolved civilizations. Although it’s mostly coincidental, Pine is very much systems-based in its design in the way that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was. Tribes act spontaneously according to whatever resources they require at a given time, and none of it’s hard-programmed into the game. Everyone just acts according to the rules set forth by systems. Such adaptation in the game is actually inspired by Charles Darwin and On the Origin of Species.

In Pine, Hue will have the opportunity to interact with the different tribes in various ways, whether that means befriending them or turning genocidal maniac. Presumably to stay true to the spirit of early civilizations, there will be no in-game currency; rather, commerce requires bartering.

Frankly, I’m pretty impressed with what I’m hearing about Pine so far. If the game lives up to its promise, it will be a pretty awesome experience that won’t have to stand in the shadow of Breath of the Wild. And that’s saying something, seeing how a lot of titles live in that game’s shadow.

For many more details about Pine and Twirlbound, be sure to check out the Escapist interview and a companion piece about game length.


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