Pine Switch release date Twirlbound November 26

Pine will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 26, after having arrived on PlayStation 4, GOG, and Kartridge back on Oct. 10. Originally all versions were supposed to release at the same time, but the Switch version was delayed at the start of last month to give it extra polish time. Now we’re just a few weeks away from experiencing indie developer Twirlbound’s open-world adventure with traces of The Legend of Zelda and Fable.

In Pine, the idea is that there are intelligent races beyond humans, and humans are actually the most endangered of these races. Main character Hue has to go out into the world, acquire resources, and forge alliances that can save the human race. Meanwhile, the world itself is systems-based, with various tribes always active and making decisions based on their current needs. Thus, the world keeps evolving. It sounds like a pretty fun angle for exploration that Twirlbound has concocted.

As in Pine‘s case, it’s become a common theme for the Nintendo Switch version of games to release after other versions, for various reasons. We Switch owners are basically just used to it at this point. But as long as extra time in the oven delivers a better gameplay experience, that’s ultimately all that matters.

Are you looking forward to taking Pine for a spin on Nov. 26?


John Friscia
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