Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic switch

Per publisher Headup Games and developer The Bitfather, Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic is set to release on Switch next week on Friday, November 5. The game is a roguelike RPG that aims to deliver an old-school experience loaded with content, including over thirty different hero classes, four unlockable campaigns (each with a unique final dungeon and boss), and loads of procedurally generated weapons such as spears, spells, and axes. You can see the game in action with the trailer below, and then you can read on for a bit more detail on the game.

When you load up Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic on your Switch, each run will involve selecting three different heroes for your party before setting off on an RNG-based journey. Permadeath is part of the equation, so if you lose a party member, they’re gone for the rest of that run.

Notably, the Switch version of the game includes a brand new Arena mode. In Arena, you can fully customize your party before facing off in a series of infinite battles, each a bit harder than the rest, with the ability to impose bonus effects on some battles.

Are you interested in grabbing Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic on Switch What do you think of the game so far, based on the trailer and the info that we have here? Let us know in the comment section below.


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