Astral Chain Platinum

Astral Chain is a year old as of yesterday. Upon its release, the game was quite a hit for Platinum Games, earning impressive reviews all around (including an impressive 9.5 out of 10 from our own Brett Medlock). To celebrate a year as a standout Switch title, Platinum Games concept artist Yuki Suda joined scenario writer Akiteru Naka in sharing fun new artwork. You can see one of the two pictures at the top of this post, while the other is directly below.

Astral Chain

Pretty cool, huh? At a year old, Astral Chain has had some time to win over plenty of fans with its over-the-top deluge of style and action, although the game was a hit pretty much instantly, earning its fair share of commemorative artwork from the devs. Check out this tweet from September 2019, for example, in which the official Platinum Games Twitter account celebrated the game’s initial sales success with an artful “thank you.”

Have you had the chance to play Astral Chain yet? Do you agree with Brett’s review, or did the latest action romp from Platinum not quite reach such amazing heights for you? How badly do you want a sequel? Let us know your thoughts on the game and this artwork in the comments below.


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