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PlatinumGames briefly became the talk of the video game world with its “Platinum 4” announcements (the last of which still remains a mystery), including the The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter, Project G.G., and the reveal of the PlatinumGames Tokyo studio. Now, the company has casually updated its reveal page for the Tokyo studio to make mention of a new game engine the company will be using moving forward: the aptly named PlatinumEngine.

PlatinumEngine is the future of development

Platinum’s R&D is creating the PlatinumEngine in house to “drive all of its creations” moving forward. Engine developer Wataru Ohmori (pictured) has explained that the company has used its own engine specialized for action game development to create games since Platinum’s founding, but essentially, that original engine is no longer efficient enough to meet the needs of modern game development. PlatinumEngine will be up to the challenge though.

Utility and ease of use — especially for prototyping — are described as major priorities with the development of PlatinumEngine. About this, Ohmori stated the following:

To give an example, programmers at PlatinumGames have more freedom to directly control game animations than they do at most game studios; that gives them a particularly important role in action game development. Our existing engine already puts assets in the hands of each artist to freely control, so it’s easy for programmers to tweak what they need to, too. This is one of PlatinumGames’ strengths as a developer, and with the new engine, we want to give artists and programmers even greater control to try things out with their creations. The idea is for the new engine to both boost efficiency and make it easier to try new challenges in how our games are presented.

The decision to build PlatinumEngine, rather than use an existing engine like Unity or Unreal Engine, came down to a desire to preserve as much control over game development as possible.

Those are all the highlights of the discussion, but the “Engine Staff Interviews” section of the website (keep scrolling down the page) offers interviews with the individuals helping to make PlatinumEngine a reality as well.


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