PS4 Remote Play

The Nintendo Switch has a big variety of control options. You can use the included dual Joy-Con controllers attached to sides of the system, or you can slide them off and use them in either each of your hands or attached to the Grip like a traditional controller. You can even flip them horizontally and use them as separate controllers for local multiplayer. There’s also the Pro Controller for players who want a more ‘traditional’ controller experience. But what if you’re a multi-console owner and hate having to change between the different controller layouts? Well, this little device will help with that.

So, what’s this ugly-looking thumb drive? It’s not a thumb drive; actually, it’s a controller converter from Brook. Originally designed for PC, Wii and Wii U, the new Switch Edition has been created to allow users to play Switch games that are compatible with the Pro Controller with a Dualshock 4…aka, the PS4 controller. This can save you some dollars since you won’t have to buy additional controllers for your Switch and instead just use your existing DS4s. The only downside is that it’s only possible by means of a wired connection, so just keep that in mind. It would be a tragedy if you end up yanking the cord and pulling the Switch dock down with the Switch in it…scary thought.

Anyway, negativity aside, the Brook converter costs $35. It’s not currently in stock yet, but as soon as it’s avaliable, it may be a nifty thing┬áto try out.

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A.K Rahming
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