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Player builds Lego tool for automatic Animal Crossing: New Horizons crafting

ACNH Lego crafting Animal Crossing: New Horizons automatic crafting Lego tool

Animal Crossing: New Horizons automatic crafting is a dream for many of us. A core part of the game is crafting, be it to make furniture for a villager’s home, to decorate the island, or just sell at Nook’s Cranny. It’s a part of almost everything that you do in the game, regardless of if you’re making tools, or an add-on for said tool, such as bait to catch that final fish for your collection. Well, one player had enough of doing it manually, and they came up with a solution using a real-life crafting tool, Lego.

I made a lego fish bait machine! from AnimalCrossing

Yes, what you’re looking at there is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons automatic crafting Lego tool, including a motor. The player in question, Ra7aNn05, has made it so that the entire process of crafting bait has been optimized. Fish bait pops up first in the crafting menu, which is really all you need since pressing A on every prompt you’re presented with after that will lead to your crafting even more bait.

The main reason that this contraption was built was in pursuit of the Mahi-mahi fish. One of the requirements for catching the fish is having bait, but you need to go through a number of attempts before you manage to net it. This leads to hours of bait crafting, usually, but with this Lego invention you could just have the bait crafted automatically, leaving you to hours of fishing instead.


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