Players are calling for Pokémon GO loot box odds to be disclosed

Players are calling for Pokémon GO loot box odds to be disclosed

After the latest in-game event, players are now calling for Pokémon GO loot box odds to be disclosed. Currently loot boxes in the game cover elements such as Eggs, Raids, Incense, and even Lures. The last event, Dragon Week, promised a higher chance of players earning various Dragon-type Pokémon, including a shiny Deino. However, a fan site, The Silph Road, has tracked and recorded the egg hatching for the event within a sample group. The data shows something very different to what players were expecting.


The numbers don’t lie

A major finding of the data is as follows: “Deino’s hatch rate was likely less than 1% for the first three days of the event, but after (a) change researchers recorded a hatch rate above 3%.” Following the event, The Silph Road’s Reddit community is attempting to organize players in an effort to get Niantic to disclose Pokémon GO loot box odds.

This effort may have been sparked by Dragon Week, but it’s part of a much larger source of frustration. Niantic has been notoriously close-lipped on the odds behind Pokémon appearing through various means in Pokémon GO. Some players have felt that odds have been far lower than Niantic made them out to be at the time regarding certain special events. There has also always been the sense for years that Niantic tweaks the odds of certain Pokémon appearing in the game.

If the community cannot successfully push for Niantic to reveal Pokémon GO loot box odds, another option they have is to report the developer directly to Google or Apple for not disclosing loot box odds. Currently there is a petition that players can sign. Most developers now disclose their loot box odds for games that have them. It seems shady that Niantic doesn’t do the same for Pokémon GO. Maybe this petition will be the act that finally forces them to do so.


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