the persistence

It’s pretty regular for a game to launch on a single platform or two, before later having ports developed for a variety of other systems. Have you ever heard of a PlayStation VR exclusive getting ported to the Nintendo Switch, though? Well, you have now, as survival-horror roguelike The Persistence is set to make the leap onto Nintendo Switch this summer.

Sadly, all five owners of a Nintendo Labo VR Kit won’t be able to experience the fully immersive action of The Persistence as it was originally designed. Instead, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been converted to a flatscreen, standard first-person experience. The new console versions of the game also sport enhanced environments and new post-processing effects, although it remains to be seen how much of that transfers over to the limited hardware of the Nintendo Switch.

The Persistence sees players tackling procedurally generated stages that come together in a maze-like experience of claustrophobic corridors and surprising enemy encounters that are sure to keep you on your toes. The Persistence is also set to come to Oculus as well as Steam, though VR support for the Steam port of the game hasn’t been confirmed despite being likely. The game is also set to launch on Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with an assumedly non-VR experience.


Miguel Moran
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