Well folks, the podcast may have been on hiatus, but it’s BACK! I\’m glad to see that Nintendo hasn\’t succumbed to doom within that time, as we\’d be properly screwed for a second episode. The plan is to have a new episode done every two weeks, with intermittent mini-casts on single topics. We\’ll be rotating the hosts as there’s too much knowledge and insight ready to be tapped in our great community to pass up on!

The first episode covered an enormous amount of ground; playing catchup from the Wii U release, covering recent news, and trying to shape the show. The hosts this week were Mattavelle1, Juegosmajicos, and myself (Cubits). Quite the international flavour for your listening holes:

Listen in!


I\’ve included a table of contents on the link page in case you want to skip around to the more appealing topics. I am still hunting for a podcast host with the ability to have timestamp links ala YouTube, so we may move it in the future. If you know of anything, let me know in the Podcast Thread.

The podcast is also available in Youtube form, with entertaining moving pictures AND clickable timestamps (why wouldn\’t you?!):


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