Well, not really. It seems the Wii U is as doomed as ever (ask Pachter, and THIS time he means it!), but next week is looking up for those who actually care about gaming thanks to Monster Hunter, Need For Speed, and Lego City dropping within days. My wallet is going to take a beating, good thing it was cheap!

This episode of the podcast features the returning cast of Cubits, Mattavelle1, and Juegosmajicos. The format is tighter, the audio is cleaner, and we even stumped for intro music (thanks Running_in_jam!). We\’re flying Youtube-only until a suitable audio hosting site is chosen, but that just means you get to enjoy more of my awe-inspiring gameplay:

View on Youtube to get the super-awesome clickable timestamps!

For embedded-loving folks, the topics discussed are as follows:

1:45 – TNE Community organised gaming (NFS/Monster Hunter)
4:45 – Monster Hunter Ultimate update news
13:30 – EA and Nintendo (BFF?)
39:10 – Lego City Undercover
47:00 – Community kudos and site news

If you missed the previous, pioneering episode, check it out here:

The Rebootening!

See you next time, with yet another sterling pun for the title!


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