A big, shiny episode of the podcast covering the last two weeks\’ worth of big, shiny Nintendo news! We talk Nintendo Direct, new old Zelda, the Wii U spring update, console industrial design, new IP vs \”rehashing\”, and Alex finally tears himself away from Monster Hunter to try out Lego City!

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2:40 – Console Industrial Design
9:47 – T3’s horrendous PS4 render
17:05 – Wii: Too soon?
32:42 – Rayman Legends (challenge levels released)
35:38 – Nintendo on \”recycling\” franchises
58:16 – New Nintendo Direct News
1:07:45 – Super Mario World
1:12:25 – Earthbound (aka Mother 2)
1:13:57 – Zelda ALTTP sequel
1:18:30 – Wii U Marketing
1:29:12 – Wii U Spring Update
1:31:30 – Monster Hunting Progress
1:38:21 – Lego City Undercover

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