Poison Control launch trailer

The turf war-style action RPG Poison Control just launched in North America, and we got a look at gameplay action in a launch trailer from NIS America.

All worldly desires of humankind spawn toxic creatures called Kleshas in the realms of hell. After wandering in the infernal domain, a mysterious girl named Poisonette takes over the main character’s body. On the one hand, the former Klesha’s goal is to take over the protagonist’s body for good, but on the other hand, he’ll need her help in purifying the hearts of the fallen to return to the mortal realm.

Since the main character and Poisonettes are literally soul mates with two souls in a body, battles consist of taking turns with the body. You’ll mainly purge enemies using poison bullets as your primary method of attacking. There’s a variety of shots and poisons used in action RPG battles to purify the Belles’ Hells. You can also power up through heart-to-heart conversations with Poisonette. The heart-to-hearts not only raise stats but can change the outcome of the story.

Check out the Poison Control launch trailer from NIS America below:

Poison Control is now available in North America for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It will release in Europe on April 16, 2021.



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